The Stuck-ness of Anticipation

Here I am on my blog when I am supposed to be writing copy for my website. UGH! Technically the copy is written but not in a format that I could provide to my web designer for her to be able to use. Each time I start typing it up, I find something way more interesting to do (allegedly). Like my 2nd blog post which is 5 months in the making…

Yes, I am the Procrastinator Extraordinaire!

The anticipation of getting my website completed is making me feel mired in mud, stuck in time. Is it because the decision to go into business for myself will feel more REAL once it’s up and running or maybe I don’t believe in what I’ve actually written? No matter what the reason is I’m moving forward, using my anticipation to push through and get closer to reaching my goals versus waiting with bated breath and letting the mind trash win the day.

Here’s to taking out the trash often…




Published by chunkyche

I’m a Strength and Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer and Brazilian Jim Jitsui practitioner. I practice simulated murder and teach my clients how to get strong and stay strong while developing the tools to create and sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle. I’m also a mom and friend to Adzua, my heartbeat.

5 thoughts on “The Stuck-ness of Anticipation

  1. You’re in good company when it comes to procrastination. As someone who has worked on content for their own website, it can be daunting because you’re getting even closer to flying. I know you got this, but I’m here if you need anything. 💗

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