Hey, Chunky Chè! First Blog Post

Hey Everyone! My name is Chè Rodgers (maybe one day I’ll tell you the full government but we need to get to know each other first) and I’m a 46 year-old, single mother of one amazingly beautiful, loving, caring, smart young woman. She is the reason why I’ve taken my next breath since 1996. She was also the final and most important voice in me deciding to become a personal trainer and coach full time (yes, your kids can support your dreams just like you support theirs). How simple the words “deciding to become a personal trainer and coach” seem right now.

This blog (it doesn’t quite feel like MY BLOG yet) is going to be a mixed bag and super challenging for me because I don’t like to share. That said, I know and have learned that although sharing is hard, it brings so much more good into my life and I’m never afraid to do what’s hard.




Published by chunkyche

I’m a Strength and Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer and Brazilian Jim Jitsui practitioner. I practice simulated murder and teach my clients how to get strong and stay strong while developing the tools to create and sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle. I’m also a mom and friend to Adzua, my heartbeat.

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